Intuit Giant - Passion Pictures
Amy ash intuit01

Pari - Character sculpt and final model.

Amy ash intuit06

Giant (Texturing and partial modelling)

Amy ash intuit03

Pari (character model) and Giant (texturing and partial modelling).

Amy ash intuit04

Giant (texturing and partial modelling)

Amy ash intuit05

Some ofthe characters I created sculpts for.

Amy ash intuit07

Scrapyard Robot - Texturing

Amy ash intuit02

Pari (character model) and the turbine (prop model).

I was lucky enough to be able to work on this short film for Intuit at Passion Pictures in London, directed by AgainstAllOdds.

I was responsible for sculpting the majority of the human characters and created the production mesh for the main female character Pari, which was then used to retopolgise all of the other characters. I then moved on to texturing the main robots including the Giant, on which I also remodelled some parts to match updated designs, and finally modelled a few props.

It was a really great project to work on with a great team.