Tales of Runeterra

Tales of Runeterra: Demacia | “Before Glory”

Tales of Runeterra: Noxus | “After Victory”

Tales of Runeterra: Ionia | “The Lesson”

Tales of Runeterra: Freljord | “The Raid”

Tales of Runeterra: Piltover and Zaun | “True Genius”

I was lucky enough to be Lead Character Artist on five episodes of the Riot Games series 'Tales of Runeterra'. As the lead I had a hand in a whole range of assets, including the modelling, texturing and groom on the Scarmaiden in 'The Raid' and the texturing of Fiora in 'Before Glory', as well as helping to define the look and style of the characters early on in the project, creating concept sculpts for several characters, and organising and providing feedback to the character team. Thanks to Riot and the two directors Jeremy Thompson and Dustin Wicke, Bram Sels (Art Director at Axis) and Steven Barbour (CG Supervisor at Axis), as well as Amy Paterson (Head of Production at Axis) and the rest of the production team. I especially would like to use this post to thank the character team that worked with me and did amazing work to produce around 25 characters and a whole bunch of swords, axes and other Props (in no particular order, please let me know if your name is missing from here!):

Hamish Mitchell (Modelling, Texturing, Groom)
Carlo Kasongo (Modelling, Texturing)
Bojin Shi (Modelling, Texturing)
Tamas Sarffi (Modelling)
Csaba Baity (Texturing)
Miki Bencz (Texturing)
Xabier Urrutia (Modelling, Texturing)
Julen Urrutia (Modelling, Texturing)
Femke Schaars (Groom)
Maria Panfilova (Modelling, Texturing)
Carlos Gonsalez (Modelling, Texturing)
Julen Desroy (Modelling, Texturing)

Also I want to thank Camille Fourniols (Lead Groom artist at Axis) and Jonas Bergholm (Asset TD at Axis), and Ekaterina Pushkarova (fellow Lead Character Artist at Axis), as well as the rest of the Axis team who worked on this project... congrats to you all!